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What is TradeWell Tax & Financial?

At TradeWell Tax & Financial, our mission is to help local investors make the most of their retirement assets, long-term investment, and financial estate goals. We offer an initial complimentary consultation where we will spend time listening, answering and asking questions in an attempt to ascertain if we may be able to help improve your current situation.

We are Tax Advisors and Financial Planners and choose to begin our process with a focus on your taxes. In this meeting you will meet with a trained professional who will take you through your current tax return and explain, in simple language, how much you are paying and if there are ways to reduce your federal taxes.

Free Consultation

During our initial consultation, we will collect information from you, including your federal tax return, investment statements, legal documents, annuities, life insurance, Social Security statements, pension statements, health insurance and/or Medicare information, etc. But leave your checkbooks at home…this is a “get to know you meeting” and you will not be asked to buy anything and once again, this consultation is free of charge. At the conclusion of this complementary consultation, if you so choose, we will move forward and schedule a second appointment for us to meet.

In the interim, we will create a social security timing report for those who have not begun receiving benefits. Social security income has a significant impact on retirement, as it is often the baseline for retirement income. We will search for opportunities to reduce your taxes and the risk in your investments. We will sharpen our pencils and calculate how much time we estimate it would take to build a written estate*, income and financial plan.

Building a Plan

We will provide a written proposal detailing the work we feel needs to be done on your taxes, investments, income, social security, and the timing of these benefits, as well as any other cracks we may see in your current plan during the second meeting. We do not know if we can help, until the initial research is complete and we conclude this complimentary meeting. If we propose a fee‐for‐service, we are convinced we can make a difference. We will lay out a clear, line item agenda of work we will perform on your behalf.

Understanding your Retirement Direction

In the third meeting, we bring together and assemble all the pieces of your retirement puzzle. If it’s an income plan you desire, or the need for reduction of the systematic risk of the stock market, improving your life insurance position or the implementation of a long‐term care plan, this is when those questions are answered and addressed. This is where the written financial plan is delivered and strategies are presented. Most people come to us not knowing what their next step should be or in what direction they should be heading. That is the purpose of the third meeting, based on what we learned about you in the first meeting and the “instructions” you gave us in the second meeting. We bring your financial picture into focus, creating a map to guide you and give you a clear, meaningful direction.

A Transparent, no Pressure Approach

Our patent protected and trademarked Asset‐Cycle Portfolio System® takes the complexities of investing and income, and put it into simple language that you can understand. Having a solid written financial plan can be a source of guidance and something that can be referred to for years to come, in both good times and volatile times.

After any of our meetings, you are under no obligation to do further business with us. Actually, the Asset‐Cycle Portfolio System® is so simple you are free to take this plan and implement the strategy yourself or even take it back to your current advisor. It’s really that simple.

The Benefits of being a Tradewell Client

Our company utilizes Elder Law Attorneys, CPA’s, Accountants, Tax Advisors, insurance Professionals and Investment Advisor Representatives, which is a unique bundle of services. Both Mike Albertson and Heather Foster are Fiduciaries, are obligated to set your interests ahead of all else. Rest assured, you will not be sold anything. Rather, after paying a fee, you will be offered personalized and thoughtful strategies for getting you to and through retirement, based on a plan designed to benefit you, not the advisors.

With all the professionals you need in‐house and under one roof, the level of coordination, communication and collaboration we have throughout the year cannot be matched. Not only is your life simplified, but our ability to provide for you a relevant, comprehensive and effective financial plan is unrivaled. And it’s all in one place.

If you are not having in depth conversations with your current advisor, CPA or tax professional regarding your income and how to potentially lower the amount of tax you pay, then we recommend a second opinion.

We’d love to get to know you.

Meet Our Professionals

* Mike Albertson and Heather Foster are not attorneys. Estimates given for estate planning recommendations will be done by a qualified estate planning attorney.

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